1: Indulge in a romantic retreat with these 10 Mediterranean diet meals perfect for date night.

2: Savor the flavors of grilled salmon with lemon and herbs for a cozy dinner for two.

3: Whip up a vibrant Mediterranean vegetable paella for a hearty and healthy date night meal.

4: Delight in a succulent Mediterranean stuffed bell peppers dish filled with love and flavor.

5: Treat your partner to a romantic evening with Mediterranean shrimp scampi pasta.

6: Create a special date night with a delightful Mediterranean chicken and couscous dinner.

7: Enjoy a light and refreshing Mediterranean Greek salad for a romantic and healthy meal.

8: Whisk your loved one away with a divine Mediterranean grilled lamb chops dish.

9: End your evening on a sweet note with a delectable Mediterranean honey and pistachio tart.