1: Real weapons in WWE - Discover the most intense moments where real weapons are used in WWE Raw and Smackdown.

2: Fake weapons in WWE - From steel chairs to kendo sticks, explore the fake weapons that add excitement to WWE matches.

3: Impact of real weapons - Real weapons like sledgehammers and steel chains leave a lasting impact on WWE superstars.

4: Drama of fake weapons - Fake weapons like barbed wire bats and tables create dramatic moments in WWE matches.

5: Safety precautions - WWE ensures safety during weapon-based matches to protect the wrestlers from serious injuries.

6: Fan reactions - Fans react passionately to the use of weapons in WWE matches, creating electrifying atmospheres.

7: Spectacular showdowns - Witness epic battles where real and fake weapons are used to create unforgettable moments in WWE.

8: Weapon-based rivalries - Feuds intensify when weapons come into play, leading to fierce showdowns in WWE Raw and Smackdown.

9: Entertainment factor - Real and fake weapons add an entertaining element to WWE matches, keeping fans on the edge of their seats.