1: "Abby's Departure" Pauley Perrette's exit from NCIS marked the end of Abby Sciuto's iconic presence on the show.

2: "Goodbye Ziva" Cote de Pablo's emotional departure as Ziva David left fans devastated and wondering what would happen next.

3: "Kate's Farewell" Sasha Alexander's character, Caitlin Todd, saw a tragic end that shocked viewers and changed the dynamic of the show.

4: "The Future of NCIS" With main characters leaving, the show had to evolve and introduce new faces to keep fans engaged and interested.

5: "Exploring New Storylines" As old characters leave, new plotlines and relationships emerge, creating fresh dynamics and intrigue for viewers.

6: "The Impact of Departures" The exits of Abby, Ziva, Kate, and other main characters had a lasting impact on the show's loyal fan base.

7: "Legacy of the Departed" Despite their departures, the presence of Abby, Ziva, Kate, and other main characters continues to be felt on NCIS.

8: "Moving Forward" The show must adapt and evolve as main characters leave, ensuring its longevity and relevance in the ever-changing TV landscape.

9: "Remembering the Past" Though Abby, Ziva, Kate, and others have left, their contributions to the show will always be remembered and cherished by fans.