1: NCIS celebrates its 1000th episode by resolving a 21-year-old villain storyline, bringing closure to fans.

2: The long-awaited moment arrives as NCIS finally confronts its original villain, leaving viewers satisfied after years of anticipation.

3: With twists and turns leading up to this milestone event, NCIS delivers a captivating resolution to its oldest unsolved case.

4: Fans rejoice as the 1000th episode reveals the surprising truth behind the enigmatic villain's motives and actions.

5: In a satisfying conclusion, NCIS ties up loose ends from the past, completing a storyline that has kept viewers on the edge for decades.

6: The 1000th episode of NCIS showcases the resilience and dedication of the team in solving a complex case spanning over two decades.

7: After years of mystery, NCIS finally unveils the truth behind the 21-year-old villain, delivering a satisfying conclusion to a long-standing storyline.

8: As NCIS reaches its milestone 1000th episode, fans are treated to a resolution that brings closure to a lingering question from the past.

9: With the 1000th episode, NCIS proves once again why it is a beloved show with a loyal fan base, as it brings a long-running storyline to a gratifying end.