1: "1. Classic Avocado Toast: Mash avocado on toast, sprinkle salt and pepper."

2: "2. Avocado and Egg Toast: Top toast with avocado slices and poached egg."

3: "3. Avocado and Tomato Toast: Add sliced avocado and juicy tomato on toast."

4: "4. Avocado and Smoked Salmon Toast: Layer avocado and smoked salmon on toast."

5: "5. Avocado and Feta Toast: Smash avocado and crumble feta on toast."

6: "6. Guacamole Toast: Spread guacamole on toast for a zesty kick."

7: "7. Avocado and Bacon Toast: Top toast with avocado slices and crispy bacon."

8: "8. Avocado and Pesto Toast: Spread pesto on toast and top with avocado slices."

9: "9. Avocado and Red Pepper Flakes Toast: Sprinkle red pepper flakes on top of avocado toast for a spicy twist."