1: 1. Ziva David returns after years away 2. Tony DiNozzo reuniting with her 3. Dynamic duo solving crimes together

2: 4. Chemistry between Ziva and Tony 5. Fans waited years for this moment 6. Nostalgia for long-time NCIS viewers

3: 7. Unexpected twists and turns in the plot 8. Action-packed episodes keeping you hooked 9. Emotional depth in character development

4: 10. New NCIS spinoff breathes new life 11. Ziva and Tony's banter and humor 12. Mysterious cases to solve each week

5: 13. Enigmatic pasts of Ziva and Tony 14. Flashbacks to their time on NCIS 15. Intriguing storylines to keep you guessing

6: 16. International intrigue and espionage 17. High-stakes missions and investigations 18. Betrayal and redemption for beloved characters

7: 19. Dynamic storytelling and fast-paced action 20. Guest appearances from familiar faces 21. Engaging dialogue and witty exchanges

8: 22. Heartwarming moments between Ziva and Tony 23. New challenges test their partnership 24. Surprising revelations and plot twists

9: 25. Fan-favorite duo takes on the world 26. Unraveling mysteries and uncovering truths 27. Must-watch spinoff for NCIS fans.